Classes with Kelly Keenan

Monday, October 29th to Friday, November 2nd 2018, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. &
Monday, February 25th to Friday, March 1st 2019, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
$7 / class for those eligible for the reduced rate*
$20 / class full rate

Feeling Dancing

Fascinated by how we can sense movement akin to how we sense touch, this workshop explores ways to transfer the tactile experience we get from the floor and each other into dancing through space with memory and imagination. The class will propose different tasks, prompts, metaphors and images to guide, layer and shape our experience of a dance. You can expect to do some somatic exploration of movement ideas, repeated loops of short coordinations, partner-work, short choreographed dances and an eclectic playlist of tunes. These classes will weave from floor to standing and with a great interest in the artful play and pleasure of dancing.


Kelly Keenan – Biography

Kelly Keenan is a Montreal-based dance artist and teacher. Her fascination of the perceptive capacity of the body is reflected in both her teaching and artistic work. Her teaching strives to create a positive, physical and experimental context for movers to experience refinement, pleasure and empowerment through dance. Her teaching explores different ways of understanding the body reflected in different practices. Strong influences include the Axis Syllabus, Anatomy Trains, Cranio Sacral, Feldenkrais, Material for the Spine among others. Kelly is a reputed teacher in Montreal who teaches locally and further abroad for pre-professional and professional dance institutions, festivals and grass-roots DIY workshops. Kelly’s artistic work attempts to include felt experience in the sensorium of the audience often resulting in hybrid forms. For example, A Practice (2013), a performance/workshop in collaboration with Adam Kinner; Be Still and Know Me (2017), a performance/lecture; The Direction of Ease, a performance/massage in collaboration with Jacinte Armstrong and Elise Vanderbourght. She has danced with many others including Kira Kirsch, Catherine Lavoie Marcus, Maria Kefirova, Katie Ward and Sara Hanley. She is a hobby arts administrator on the Board of Director’s of Studio 303 and organizer of the Movement Educators Forum.


*For more information, please contact us at (819) 822-8912 or at info@sursaut.ca