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Acuna is a cradle, a nest, a cocoon. A soft and intimate space where one feels enveloped in softness. It’s the arrival into the world, into a universe of colors, of sensations and of mouvement.

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Me squared


Me squared. It’s me before knowing or accepting who I am. It’s me disguised, hidden, concealed beneath appearances.

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The Cicada and the Ant


The Cicada and the Ant is a choreographic work for young and old that casts a glance at the world of art and of agriculture. Freely inspired by the renowned fable by Jean de La Fontaine, this work transports us to the heart of life, into the difficulty and beauty of the ordinary.

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Vivacity, sensitivity and ingenuity in worlds where the poetry of the body is at the fore. A rendez-vous with the unexpected that will leave you smiling.

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At nightfall


Auguste is a shoemaker who knows nothing of holidays. He knows little about life outside his work; away from his workshop, he is worried and afraid.

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