Les États d’Anne


Les États d’Anne
presents a woman, who, like many others when confronted by her peers in a public place, traverses a myriad of moods and states of mind. Anne is at once trapped by the moment, pushed by an urgent desire to live, carried away by the play of her imagination and cradled by her fantasies. 


Artistic Director and choreographies:
Francine Châteauvert


Dancers :
Adam Dymburt, Guylaine Bérubé, Francine Châteauvert, Lisa Carrier, Vincent Desmarais, Michel G. Côté


Music : 
Michel G. Côté


Set Design: 
Daniel Roy


Lighting : 
Vincent Desmarais


Costumes : 
Aline Vidal, Élise Normand


Photos :
Pierre Vandenberghe