Me squared



Me squared. It’s me before knowing or accepting who I am. It’s me hidden, disguised, concealed beneath appearances. It’s me before understanding that being myself, the one and only me, is the ideal that is priceless.


Three protagonists are in search of affirmation, of identity. A neutral space, silent witness of pacts, conflicts and encounters, evolves in function of unions, separations, belonging and rejection. Personalities change, personalities split. Lost in the multiple “me’s” that each one creates, the three friends dance from one “me” to another, hoping finally to be someone in the midst of others.



Concept and choreography:
Stéphanie Brochard


Artistic consultant:
Francine Châteauvert


Amandine Garrido Gonzalez, Jasmine Inns, Xavier Malo


Vincent Lagadrillière


Set & costume design:
Guylaine Carrier


Andréanne Deschênes


Kathy Brochard


François Lafrance



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