An enigmatic and mysterious journey inspired by the Greek myth of the three Moires


For 6 years and up


Jean-Besré Performing Arts Center


May 11 & 12 2023, 10:00 AM & 1:00 PM


45 minutes


12$ + taxes

“Moïra is the part of life, happiness, misfortune, glory, assigned to each mortal by Destiny and to which the gods themselves can change nothing.”

Moïra, proposes an enigmatic and mysterious journey led by three women who have fun deciding human destiny. Freely inspired by the Greek myth of the three Moires, these women witches plunge us into a phantasmagorical imaginary world where mischief, magic and humor meet.

Between precision and fluidity of movement in space, the gestures evoke as much carelessness and freedom as strength and solemnity.


Information and bookings:
Farah Ouaked
819-822-8912 |