Cybèle Clerson (cellist)

Cybèle Clerson, young multidisciplinary artist, grew up in Switzerland. In 2013, she returned to her birthplace, Quebec. She began cello and circus arts at a very young age. Later, her growing interest for dance and theatre brought her to enter in different troops. In 2019 she studied dance at Cégep de Sherbrooke and afterwards she put on several theater, music and dance shows in small events and festivals. She also performs as a stilt walker and in two music groups, Bal Biquette and Duo Pô. In 2022, she entered the music program at Cégep de Sherbrooke and began working as a cellist in the Sursaut dance company for the show Échos.



[CHOREOGRAPHY : FRANCINE CHÂTEAUVERT] Echo, a sound that reverberates, radiates, repeats and always returns as if in answer to its point of origin.