"The moïra is the part of life, of happiness, of misfortune, of glory, assigned to each mortal by Destiny and to which the gods themselves cannot change anything."

Artistic direction and staging

Morgane Le Tiec


Morgane Le Tiec
in collaboration with the artist

Set design

Bernard Langlois


Morgane Le Tiec
Stéphanie Brochard
Mélanie Castonguay


Julien St-Pierre


Blaise Borböen-Léonard


Mikaël Theimer


Mathieu Leroux

Through symbolic scenes, sometimes sombre, sometimes more colorful, this dance production explores multiple facets of the human condition. …Embodied by three women-sorcerers, sisters of destiny, the energy of the body unfolds in a mystical dance at once slow and earthly, that gradually transforms into a dynamic and aerial choreography. 

 Carried by a captivating visual and sound environment, the audience discovers the capable agility of the performers, who with the aid of long braids, amuse themselves playing with destiny.
Virtual extensions of their bodies, these magnificent props are symbolic representations of the state of the souls of The Three Moires. 

 Hourglasses, witnesses of passing time, are omnipresent till the final ritual, inviting the audience to connect with their humanity. 

 This sensitive and zany work will captivate young and old alike.  

Show for 8 years and up.

Duration: 45 minutes
Available on tour – september 2023

Pre-show and post-show workshops are available.
Discover our educational guide SORTIR=GRANDIR over here.

Press Clippings

“ Moïra […]  is truly a resounding sucess. Along with a personal touch, Morgane Le Tiec posesses and understands the principles and workings of a dance show for young audiences.
What are these principles and workings?
Frequent changes of atmosphere, a varied and solid soundtrack, varied speed of movement, synchronized choreographies,
reference to animals, props, scenery, and a bit of humour; everything that allows an eight-year-old and older to be drawn into a contemporary dance performance and maintain their concentration.“ 

Steve Bergeron,
La Tribune

“ The artists express both the force of destiny and the fragility of life, and through their movements arrive at creating a connection with a young audience as well as with the adults. 
It is admirable that a contemporary dance company dedicates itself to the creation of performances for young audiences that are so well conceived, without compromise and of great quality […]. I saw a production for the whole family, where everyone can use their own life experience to interpret what is presented. “

Frédérique Garain,
Journal de Rue de l’Estrie

Performers :

Stéphanie Brochard

Caroline Namts

Vicky Gélineau

Flora Spang (double)

Upcoming performances



September 2024



Place des Arts

Montreal, Quebec

Cinquième Salle - Festival Quartiers Danses