"The moïra is the part of life, of happiness, of misfortune, of glory, assigned to each mortal by Destiny and to which the gods themselves cannot change anything."

Artistic direction and staging

Morgane Le Tiec


Morgane Le Tiec
in collaboration with the artist

Set design

Bernard Langlois


Morgane Le Tiec
Stéphanie Brochard
Mélanie Castonguay


Julien St-Pierre


Blaise Borböen-Léonard


Mikaël Theimer


Mathieu Leroux

Moïra, proposes an enigmatic and mysterious journey led by three women who have fun deciding human destiny. Freely inspired by the Greek myth of the three Moires, these women witches plunge us into a phantasmagorical imaginary world where mischief, magic and humor meet.

Between precision and fluidity of movement in space, the gestures evoke as much carelessness and freedom as strength and solemnity.

Show for 8-13 years

Duration: 45 minutes
Available on tour – september 2023


Performers :

Stéphanie Brochard

Caroline Namts

Vicky Gélineau

Flora Spang (double)