«Tales of a feather» plunges the young spectators into a playful and fun-filled universe.

Conception and choreography

Morgane Le Tiec
Stéphanie Brochard


Le Cygne de Saint-Saëns interprété par János Starker et Shuku Iwasaki
La Poule de Rameau joué interprété par Vikingur Olafsson


Mélanie Castonguay
Stéphanie Brochard

The audience will discover the fabulous world of two singular characters, accompanied by a larger-than-life book, from which emerge all kinds of stories and other unexpected surprises.

Guided by the artists and drawing inspiration from music and objects from everyday life, the audience will then be invited to express themselves through movement, and together, invent a sequel to «Tales of a feather». 

The aim of the workshop is to stimulate the imagination while at the same time inciting the participants to get in touch with their bodies, in order to create a unique and astonishing story. 

Workshop-performance for 3-6-year-old’s.

Duration: 45 minutes
Creation: 2023
Performers: 2

Performers :

Morgane Le Tiec

Stéphanie Brochard