Joachim Yensen Martin

Joachim Yensen-Martin is a diversified-movement artist. His journey begins with martial arts, Parkour, and circus arts. On graduating from the Contemporary Dance Programme at Concordia University in 2013, he collaborates with Danika Cormier to form Corps Sauvage, a movement alliance that combines theatricality and duo work. He has also participated in numerous festivals in Montreal such as Fringe, Bouge d’Ici, and Short and Sweet. Established as an artist in Sherbrooke since 2016, Joachim works with the company Labokracboom in the production Chute Libre. Involved in a number of projects in the region, he performs with, amongst others, the compagnie de danse Axile, and in The Sursaut Squad, a cultural outreach activity developed by the Sursaut Dance Company. Echos is his first engagement as a dancer in one of the company’s productions.