Vicky Gélineau

Vicky Gélineau is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Canada). Upon graduating from The School of Toronto Dancer Theatre, she moved back in her hometown and kept training regularly in Montreal where she received a scholarship from Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique for their 2019-20 season. In the meantime, she danced on several projects such as OSEZ! 2019 of Karine Ledoyen, Fjord and Ellipses of Stefania Skoryna and Interfréquences of Tanya Dolbec. In search of her own virtuosity and artistic identity, Vicky combines dance with the agricultural environment in which she lives to develop La fille dans l’champ. Through a character and the in-situ, she questions the role of performer-choreographer. In 2022, she joins Sursaut dance company for Échos, Mellemrum, and Moïra. Later that same year, she joins Fleuve|Espace danse for Bois et Caribous, and Êtres de bois, which will be presented in the summer 2023.

Photo: ©Marie-Ève Dion



[CHOREOGRAPHY : FRANCINE CHÂTEAUVERT] Echo, a sound that reverberates, radiates, repeats and always returns as if in answer to its point of origin.


[CHOREOGRAPHY : MORGANE LE TIEC] An enigmatic and mysterious journey inspired by the Greek myth of the three Moires.