Grades 4 thru 6 and Secondary 1 thru secondary 5


Centre Culturel de l'Université de Sherbrooke


Wednesday, May, 22 - 1.30 P.M


60 minutes




14$ per student (+ taxes)

Afrikan Party is an ode to Africa, in praise of its’ diverse and amazing cultures. It is a celebration of life, highlighting each step of the trajectory of an African child from birth to death. 
It is also a witness of and a declaration of what we can accomplish if we unite. 

This work, an amalgam of dance, music, and fashion, was created by Oulouy, and is performed by himself and the international dancers Ambrose Tjark,
Cedric Kevin Bah Pohe, Tebza Diphelo et Yemi Osokoya. It will plunge the spectators into a universe full of rhythm and colour. 

 Oulouy is a not to be missed artist of the contemporary international urban dance scene. 

 Born in the Ivory Coast, Oulouay has been living in Barcelona for several years. He combines his skill of dancer, choreographer, and artistic director, to his teaching activities, offering masterclasses around the world. 

Exclusively – 5 workshops in connection with the performance are available on the morning of Tuesday, May 21st. 

Information & booking : 819 822-8912 |

This performance is presented to you as part of the FUDGE festival.

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‘Afrikan Party’ – Oulouy [teaser] from AFRICA MOMENT on Vimeo.