Echos transports us from season to season, in the unchanging and incessant cycle that blends into the eternity of the world.

Conception and choreography

Francine Châteauvert


Karèya Audet
Tomás Jensen
Nicholas Williams

Set design

Guillhem Gosselin Rodière
Simon Gosselin Rodière
Ida Rivard


Liliane Rivard


Benoît Brault

Conception and choreography

René Béchard
Marcelle Hudon

Technical direction

Julien St-Pierre


Emmanuelle Roberge
Mikaël Theimer

Lives pass, overlapping and repeating. In an endless loop, they incarnate as slow and stealthy fragments, as moments and encounters.

In a dreamlike set, where suspended cabins create an atmosphere of a welcoming hamlet, the production suggests an ideal vision of the world, where humans live in strong complicity with nature and its cycles. In this imagined space cohabited by different generations, the choreography is driven by optimism and a joie-de-vivre.

Echos is a living work, full of light and hope.


Show for 6 years and up

Duration: 55 minutes
Creation 2021


Performers :

Émilie Demers

Julien Derradj

Vicky Gélineau

Geneviève Robitaille

Juan Sebastian Hoyos Correa

Gabrielle Simard

Cybèle Clerson (cellist)

Upcoming performances



January 2024



Centre Culturel de l'Université de Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke, Québec

Choux-Bizz - Family Performance