Grades 1 thru 6


Parc des deux Rivières - East Angus


4 workshops: Wednesday, May, 22 - 10.00 A.M / Thursday, May, 23 – 10 A.M & 1.30 P.M / Friday, May 24 – 1.30 P.M  


50 minutes


2 classes


10$ per student (+taxes)

During a fifty-minute excursion through this beautiful natural environment, the participants will be guided by a Druid, and will discover clues contained within the visual and artistic installations, in order to resolve enigmas. 

The participants will be called on to participate, through dance and fun physical movements. 

The journey will end in a supernatural space, where three women/sorcerers dance amid an outcropping of menhirs, large standing stones, in an orchestrated ritual, their long braids adorning their mystical presence.  

The mix of music with the imagery of the powerful bodies of the performers, will plunge the audience into a bewitching universe. 

A chance to live a unique physical and artistic experience in the midst of nature, where surprises, challenges, and delights await.  

This performance is presented to you as part of the FUDGE festival.

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Photos: Mikaël Theimer