Caroline Namts

Born into a Ukrainian family, Caroline grew up in Tiohtià:ke Mooniyaang / Montreal. First introduced to movement through rhythmic gymnastics, she later discovers classical and contemporary dance at Ballet Divertimento.
Since graduating from l’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal in 2018, Caroline works with Morgane Le Tiec (Sursaut Dance Company), Hélène Langevin and Audrey Bergeron (Bouge de Là), Helen Simard (WAFD), Aurélie Pedron (Lilith & Cie), Nicholas Bellefleur (A Safer Space), Cai Glover (A Fichu Turning), Kyana Lyne, Katia-Marie Germain and Joanie Papillon (Meute Monde).
With experience in contortion and boxing, Caroline’s overflowing thirst for learning takes her in 2023 to Turin (Italy), where she pursues her artistic training in the Nuova X and ICD programs at la Nuova Officina della Danza (NOD).



[CHOREOGRAPHY : MORGANE LE TIEC] An enigmatic and mysterious journey inspired by the Greek myth of the three Moires.