Francine Châteauvert & Adam Dymburt

In 1987, choreographer  Francine Châteauvert was named artistic director of the company. The powerful images in her creations gave the company a true identity. From the start, she collaborated closely with Adam Dymburt, and together they worked with passion and boundless energy to build the company as we know it today.

It was their perseverance and determination that lead the company to become rooted in its community and to broaden its impact through the dissemination of its productions across Quebec beginning in 1989.

After 32 years of loyal service, Adam Dymburt began his well-deserved retirement in December 2019. A faithful partner to the artistic director, his involvement and tireless dedication have left a permanent mark on the company’s history and development.

In January 2022, after presenting her latest play "Échos" to the public, Francine Châteauvert, with over 35 years within the company, steps down from her position as artistic director.
Since then, Morgane Le Tiec has been ensuring her succession.