Artistic director

Morgane Le Tiec

Morgane Le Tiec is the artistic director of the Sursaut Dance Company since January 2022. Native of France, Morgane did her dance training there, before coming to Quebec where she has danced with La La La Human Steps, the Ballets Jazz de Montréal, Marie Chouinard, and The Cirque du Soleil. During her performing career, Morgane developed her choreographic skills, and a number of her creations have been presented in Quebec. Recently she created Moïra and «Tales of a feather» (in collaboration with Stéphanie Brochard), her first two works for young and family audiences.
Morgane’s artistic vision, is based on a dance that is expressionistic and theatrical, in a movement style that is technical and meticulous. From works that approach the surreal and the absurd, to others that are more abstract and in which movement pure and simple is at the fore, the work of Morgane Le Tiec is poetic, humorous, and imbibed with depth and sensitivity.



[CHOREOGRAPHY : MORGANE LE TIEC] An enigmatic and mysterious journey inspired by the Greek myth of the three Moires.

Tales of a feather

[CREATION 2023] - «Tales of a feather» plunges the young spectators into a playful and fun-filled universe.

Mass in Ka

[CHOREOGRAPHY : MORGANE LE TIEC] In this solo, Morgane explores the ritual act. Lay or religious, rituals participate in the construction of identity and of the individual.