I would like to attend the premiere

Freely inspired by the Greek myth of the Three Moires; sisters of destiny,  MOÏRA plunges the audience into the universe of three women-witches, who assert their identity through their role as keepers of destiny.

As the work unfolds, three characters emerge; sometimes mysterious, sometime funny or audacious, like a mirror of the complexity of our world.

The intended narrative of the show, unfolds through the use of symbols, rituals, images, and objects that are revealing of the different facets of existence, like the flow of time, the cycle of life, human values and traditions.
These women, transport us into a world sometimes playful, sometimes solemn, where time and destiny intertwine

The production presents this invisible force responsible for the destiny of every being.

Powerful, sensitive, magical, and funny, this production for the whole family will charm young and old alike, and will have them questioning the role of destiny in our lives.

Friday, April 28th 2023 – 7.00 p.m
Centennial Theatre – Bishop’s University

Affiche de notre nouveau spectacle de danse pour toute la famille Moïra - Sursaut - compagnie de danse jeune public au Québec

I would like to attend the premiere


Photo: Mikaël Theimer / Performers: Stéphanie Brochard, Vicky Gélineau & Flora Spang