It is with joy and pride that we announce our place as a finalist at the prize for cultural development in Estrie, for the first edition of FUDGE – Festival universel de danse géniale pour enfants 

Introducing North-America’s first dance festival solely dedicated to contemporary dance for young audiences!

Spearheaded by the Sursaut Dance Company, FUDGE emerged from a desire to introduce young audiences to bold, fresh choreographies by local, national, and international artists. 

Committed to making the community’s heart beat to the rhythm of dance, this unique cultural happening offers a rich and varied program for the whole family.

Meeting next December 7th for the “Apéro Culturel” organized by the Cultural Council of Estrie at the Sherbrooke Cinema House, to get to know the winners 🙂

And stay tuned, we will announce the next edition of the festival very soon… !

More informations about the “Apéro Culturel” here.