Jasmine Inns

Jasmine Inns graduated from the Modern Dance Training Program at the School of Dance in Ottawa. She went on to work for the Toronto company Tilt sound + motion as a dancer and choreographer, and choreographed a piece for their sister company Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre. She has danced for various choreographers, including Kate Hilliard and Lara Kramer. Since 2010, she has also worked with Yvonne Coutts at The Ottawa Dance Directive. With ODD she has had the pleasure of working with Noam Gagnon, Tedd Robinson, Melanie Demers and Andrew Turner. She has also presented her own works in events across Canada. Jasmine Inns joined the company in 2008.


Me squared

An incursion into the heart of adolescence

The Cicada and the Ant

(2013) Freely inspired by the renowned fable by Jean de La Fontaine, this work transports us to the heart of life, into the difficulty and beauty of the ordinary.


(2009) Vivacity, sensitivity and ingenuity in worlds where the poetry of the body is at the fore.

At nightfall

(2005) Auguste is a shoemaker who knows nothing of holidays. He knows little about life outside his work; away from his workshop, he is worried and afraid.