Largely influenced by Francine Châteauvert’s rural roots and upbringing, The Cicada and the Ant is a choreographic work for young and old that casts a glance at the world of art and of agriculture.

Conception and choreography

Francine Châteauvert

Technical direction

Stéphanie Brochard


Michel G. Côté

Set design

Simon Vincent


Dominique Thériault


Armando Gomez Rubio


François Lafrance

The soil, a field, an empty space where anything is possible, where gradually humans settle, build, sow, work, sing and harvest. From the sowing of the seed to the harvest, the production paints a down to earth, poetic vision of the world of the artist and of the small farmer.

Performers :

Stéphanie Brochard

Amandine Garrido Gonzalez

Jasmine Inns

Geneviève Lauzon

Keven Lee

Élise Legrand

Xavier Malo