Simon Durocher Gosselin

Simon Durocher-Gosselin learned from a very early age to expend his excess energy in various forms of dance and movement. He later discovered a passion for circus arts, and completed a social circus-training program at the École nationale de cirque de Montréal. Since, he has taught and continues to teach circus arts to youth in various contexts. Simon is also an accomplished street performer and co-founder of the circus company LaboKracBoom with which he has presented shows in several festivals and events in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and in Europe. He joined the Sursaut Dance Company in 2006. In 2018, he created Allegory of a Pole, a solo presented as part of Essaim.



(2018) A blend of contemporary dance, circus arts, theatrical movement and baroque dance, five young choreographers invite us to discover their worlds.

Chemins de travers

(2015) Short in situ creations in which dancers take over the Centre des arts de la scène Jean-Besré

Happening Danse In situ

(2012) In Situ: A Dance Happening, is a site-specific creation, featuring short choreographic works that blend defined constraints with infinite possibilities.


(2009) Vivacity, sensitivity and ingenuity in worlds where the poetry of the body is at the fore.

At nightfall

(2005) Auguste is a shoemaker who knows nothing of holidays. He knows little about life outside his work; away from his workshop, he is worried and afraid.