Conception and choreography

Francine Châteauvert
Sylvie Baillargeon
René Béchard
François Bienvenue
Michel G. Côté
Pascale Déry
Adam Dymburt
AnneBruce Falconer
Alexandra Langlois
Bernard Langlois
Laurent Laventure
Jacques-Philippe Lemieux-Leblanc
Liliane Rivard
Dominique Thériault


François Lafrance

A celebration of 25 years of dance creations for young and family audiences.


A meticulously crafted show, offering a retrospective of the company’s best choreographic moments since 1985, notably Le bal sans fin, The Nutcracker and the King of Rats, Les excentriques, Family Portrait, At Nightfall and Boo!

A look at the company’s artistic accomplishments throughout the years, and its evolution, in a single evening.

Performers :

Stéphanie Brochard

Francine Châteauvert

Julie Duguay

Adam Dymburt

Alice Dymburt

Gaïa Laventure Picard

Mélanie Lebrun

Nancy Letendre

Simon Vincent